African Drumming Incursion

Every child has the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst they experience a feeling of unity as part of a drum circle.

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African Dance Incursion

'When a dancer wears a Dan mask he becomes the spirit of that mask. A masked dancer will speak in the language of the spirits and his words shall be interpreted by a wise man.'

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What will your class explore?

Aboriginal Australia

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Our Forensic Science School Incursion engages children with scientific techniques that demonstrate how science works in the real world. Can you solve the mystery?

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Dinosaur Incursion

Our Dinosaur Incursion includes a paleontological excavation in your school. Discover fossils from millions of years ago including the mighty T-Rex, Triceratops & Stegosaurus.

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Education Group is a leading provider of school incursions. Workshops include music, dance, science and arts.
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Join the thousands of schools worldwide who have enjoyed our workshops, assemblies and incursions.

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