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Our Standards

An EG Incursion guarantees quality.

It is a guarantee that has been experienced by thousands of schools and millions of children across the world. It is why we are the leading incursion provider worldwide.

EG Incursions guarantee:

  • Trained EG Incursions facilitators, drawn from professional fields
  • Unique incursions created by our team of experts, ensuring consistent excellence
  • A bespoke service tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing investment and development, with new incursions added regularly
  • A fully inclusive cost (facilitators, instruments, materials, travel)
  • Full facilitator background checks complying with all school requirements
  • Comprehensive insurance, photo identity cards and safeguarding policies
  • An interactive, educational, fun day for your school to remember

In addition EG Incursions will:

  • Support National Curriculum objectives
  • Offer cross curricular incursions presenting subjects with a fresh approach
  • Align with relevant targets from your School Development Plan
  • Attend external provider training
  • Work towards suitable recognition schemes
  • Make available our Health & Safety guidelines for school incursions

Our incursions are hugely rewarding and a memorable experience for children, providing an inspiring day that is both educational and fun.

EG Incursions is not an agency arranging for unknown people to deliver inconsistent incursions; we have personally recruited, trained and assessed every facilitator to deliver our own incursions.

We believe in our products which is why we have been the market leader for many years. This is our guarantee.

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