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Life Long Ago

Our Life Long Ago fossil incursion brings prehistoric life into your school, taking your children back millions of years to discover the wonder of the dinosaurs.

The first dinosaurs appeared around 230 million years ago and these huge ancient reptiles, some ferocious hunters, some gentle, plodding giants, ruled the Earth for 160 million years.

In our large sandboxes, the children locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a few other surprises are all thrown in. The children will learn when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more.

This incursion is suitable for all primary age groups and can work perfectly as an exercise during a school history week, if children are studying dinosaurs or just as a fantastic way to understand life long ago.

We provide all the fossils, the tools required and an expert to deal with all the burning questions from your young fossil hunters.

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Life Long Ago

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