Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can take part each day?

Approximately 180 children. Our incursions have been developed to work with a whole one form entry school in one day with 30 students (max 35 students) per workshop.

Why book A EG Incursions incursion?

EG Incursions develops and delivers our own unique incursions. Most incursion companies are agencies with little or no expertise in the vast range of incursions they offer.

What incursion is best for my school?

Most of our incursions fit into certain events. African drumming is suitable for Black History Month, Christmas baubles at Christmas or a Snap Mosaic for your schools centenary. Contact a member of our team for other options.

Where do we host an EG Incursion?

Best option is your school hall. However, we can easily fit into a classroom, with all chairs and tables moved to the side, and free from any low hanging objects. If you're still unsure, give us an email or call to discuss your booking requirments.

Do our pupils need to be in PE Uniform for the dance incursions?

We leave this decision up to you but advise that the children are either barefoot or wearing plimsolls, not trainers.

Which activities are best suited to each age group?

Our incursions and topics are all adaptable from 4 to 16 year olds. However, it's always best to speak to the customer service rep about your age requirements and we will be honest about what we think is best. All our incursions are ACARA tailored from primary to year 10, and STEMS tailored for pre primary.

Do we need to pay for the incursion in advance?

No. Invoices are generated and sent to you as soon as you make a provisional booking. This is before the incursion takes place and are available to download from your user area. We allow 28 days for payment after the incursion has taken place but can extend this upon request if payment is made through the local authority.

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