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Drama & Theatre Workshops

Our Drama & Theatre Incursion stimulates the imagination and language skills of students to create and develop their confidence, identity and creativity. Each workshop is run by an industry professional which provides the school with the comfort that they are in excellent hands.

Pre-school, Foundation to level six:
Our junior workshops are highly interactive, using improvisational activities, character building exercises, and theatre games to build confidence and familiarity in all kinds of performance.

Using visual stimulation of words and pictures, children are inspired to create and develop their own characters, settings and activities to develop short narratives and tell their story. The session concludes with a telling of the group story. Once produced, this can be shared with a wider audience, developing further a sense of pride and ownership.

This incursion helps to develop children’s language skills, especially speaking and listening skills, together with a range of personal and social skills. It increases the children's confidence in putting forward, articulating and sharing their ideas, providing a secure basis from which imaginative responses can be developed.

The stories developed form an excellent basis for follow on work, including writing and arts based activities. To book click here.

Secondary to Tertiary:
Our senior workshops are designed and tailor to assist actors of all mature levels to gain the opportunities to gain skills in public speaking, theatre/film acting, communication and a range of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Our workshops offer a number of different programs, such as:

- Approach to text
- Character development
- Improvisation and story telling
- Audition process
- Ensemble development
- Team Building
- Monologue Workshops (Years 11-12 Prep Sessions available) and;
- Film/TV intensives

Our workshops are run by Industry Professionals and Drama School Graduates, and each session involves elements of voice and movement training. To book click here.

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Drama & Theatre Workshops

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