Cross Curricular & Themes

Most of our primary school incursions are cross curricular and offer a fresh approach in traditional subject areas.

Our music incursions incorporate many historical themes including the Tudors, Romans and Victorians. There are also literacy and numeracy topics to choose from for a fun and informative day.

Dance incursions often focus on historical themes ranging from the court dances of Henry VIII to the ever popular Charleston of the 1920’s. International dance styles can also focus Africa, Australia, India or any country of your choice.

Story Factory incursions are an open book that can travel anywhere. They can go back in time, to another country, explore myths and legends or focus on our environment.

Our incursions fit in with many themed weeks or special events. African drumming and dance is very popular during Black History Month whilst our Indian style dance days are often booked during Diwali. Science week is always busy for our forensic science staff whilst our arts facilitators work on many bespoke school projects throughout the year.

Whether you are planning an arts incursion to create something for your centenary or would like to mark another event you are celebrating, we are able to provide a incursion to match your requirements.

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