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VR Anti-bullying

The cast from Neighbours participated in our Virtual Reality workshop – Mutual Respect. Find out what they thought of it in the video. This new workshop brings a world-first experience into your classroom to help reduce bullying behaviour and empower students to improve their school life.

Bullying behaviour may happen all year round in many ways. With bullying being a global issue, our Anti-Bullying Virtual Reality workshop encourages students and teachers to witness, dissect and negotiate a typical scenario of bullying behaviour to combat it. We do this by opening a safe communicative environment guided by our professional trained facilitator. This workshop puts Anti-Bullying campaigns, school rules and wellbeing programs into practice through interactive simulations using our exclusive Virtual Reality software.

This Virtual Reality workshop offers innovative ways of engaging your students, challenging perceptions and stimulating discussions around this important issue.

Recommend for ages 7+

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